Painted spaces

Painted spaces

Hand-painted murals are a special addition to your space…

Whether it be business or personal;

Some spaces need a little life, color and love!

Painting the walls opens up the room to so many possibilities…

(Private residence hallway - Jacob and Cathi Martinez - Wrigleyville, Chicago)

 I use a traditional grid method: 

Also, the “lazy” grid method… 

working from an image or sketch; drawn and painted by hand in acrylic.

(Wrigleyville North - 3900 N. Sheridan, Chicago)


(Stage 773 - WHIM! - 1225 W. Belmont Ave.)

(Cary’s Lounge - 2251 W. Devon Ave.)

(Black Sheep - 2535 W. Peterson Ave.)

(Rogers Park Social - Inside and outside - 6920 N. Glenwood)

(Original Carol’s Pub - this wall was torn down)



(Carol’s Pub - new bathrooms / hallway - 4659 N. Clark St. )

(The Isle - 6686 N. Northwest Hwy -  Edison Park, Chicago)

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