Hand-painted bottles

Hand-painted bottles

Saving bottles became a habit over my years of bartending… unique ones need to be kept and treasured. I began painting and using them at vases, olive oil containers and stash jars. And, they can simply be used as wicked decor around the house!

The Chicago back porch is a lot of fun to paint! Especially when I find a bottle with multiple flat sides, allowing the light to bounce and peek through. The above bottle with the beloved German Shepherd, RZA, was a unique 3-sided bottle with cork. Tall enough to hold pasta or incense sticks or just a pile of beach rocks!

Each bottle is hand-painted and one-of-a-kind. 

Message me @candicewithaneye_works with requests and/or inquiries.

VISIT me at the SHOP JARVIS SQUARE (1500 W. Jarvis Ave., Chicago) on December 3rd / SKETCHBOOK BREWING HOLIDAY MARKET (4901 Main St., Skokie) on December 11th / CARY’S LOUNGE POP-UP (2251 W. Devon Ave., Chicago) on December 18th.

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